The Artist

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I have been waiting to see this movie ever since I first read an article about it in Empire late last summer. Yes, expectations are high, and not because of the armful of Oscars accompanying the film, but because I’ve had a mind of doing something like it myself so the concept appeals to me on many levels.

Be back tomorrow with a full review.



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Stitches along the

right side

of my soul.

Bite marks at the

left side

of my throat.

Claw marks on the


of my heart.

Damning this feeling called love,

just to welcome it as the

only balm

for my battered being.

Read This Month

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The Pillars of the Earth Part One: I enjoy this book    because of the characters, but I don’t really enjoy the  writing. It’s hard to explain why. It feels a bit like Dan Brown, who treats his readers like children who don’t understand anything and feels the need to repeat his oh-so-uncomplicated plot twists on every five pages just to make absolutely sure the reader haven’t missed a step. Ick. Ken Follett isn’t that bad, but he has a strange language. It’s almost juvenile at times in the way he describes the characters emotions and reactions… It’s not my cup of tea. Because of this – and because I’ve recently bought a bunch of books – I’m putting the second and third part aside and focusing on some of the other titles. First out:

Circeln (The Circle): I enjoyed this book because of its characters, which were well-rounded and interesting. They formed a great little clique of people having to interact in spite of their differences. I didn’t think much happened in terms of plot, to be honest, but this did feel like the setting-the-story-up for the coming two installments in this trilogy so perhaps the authors can be forgiven for that. It was a good read, either way.



The Lies of Locke Lamora: 

Watched This Month

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Legend of the Seeker S2: It started off annoyingly slow and the fact that my hero and one of the prettiest, loveliest, most naturally beautiful women EVER whom I was incredibly inspired by in the first season – namely Bridget Regan aka Kahlan – now seemed to have had stuff injected into her lips made me depressed and put me off the show completely. I know, kind of silly, but I could totally see her as this character I’ve had in my head for nearly a decade and then, when she went and did that, I just lost my leading lady. 🙂 Anyway, I enjoy Craig Horner and I still loved them together and the season picked up. The ending was awesome.

Prime Suspect (The Last Witness and first episode A Price to Pay): Helen Mirren. Mark Strong. Ben Miles. Need I say more? The first episode of this renowned series that I’ve seen and yes, I did enjoy it very much. It’s crime as intelligent drama and it’s wonderful.

Den Som Draeber (Those Who Kill): The Danes sure know how to write good TV-crime and dramas and this is no exception. I don’t know how they do it, how they get their standard just that much higher than us Swedes – because I’ll willingly admit we usually suh-huck at it – but they do and it’s awesome.

Sherlock S2: This show is the most brilliant rendition of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson since… Well, since Jeremy Brett’s era. If you’re looking at the TV contribution of Sherlocks, that is. Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law can’t be beat when it comes to the big screen. Benedict Cumberbatch is such a brilliant Sherlock it almost hurts my head to watch him, and Martin Freeman as Watson is unbelievably awesome. Put them together and you have a wow-factor that shines as brightly as a billion stars. And that’s a lot of stars. I LOVE IT. Also, Andrew Scott is the wickedest Moriarty E.V.E.R.


17 Again: I adore this movie. I was pleasantly surprised by Zac High School Forever Efron and his comic timing and the feeling persists no matter how many times I see it. The fact that the surrounding cast is excellent and the writing is lovely only makes for a really funny movie experience. See it, if you haven’t already.

Death at a Funeral (original UK version): Alright, yes, [SPOILER] tying up a little person and gagging him while accidentally drugging him out of his mind doesn’t sound very nice, but it sure is funny. See it!

Curly Sue:This is one of those lovely 80’s classics. It’s an endearing and heartfelt story about a little girl living on the streets with Bill, played by James Belushi, and how they scam their way to food from strangers. One of these happen to be the successful lawyer Grey, played by Kelly Lynch. It’s a funny, warm and fuzzy story that is still very real and shows the hardships of being broke and caring for a child.

The Romantics: Katie Holmes, Josh Duhamel, Anna Paquin, Malin Akerman, Elijah Wood and the love of my life Adam Brody, amongst others, compete for screen time in this little gem of an indie movie. It’s set during the day and night before the wedding of Lila (Anna Paquin) and Tom (Josh Duhamel). The old college gang with which they both hung have arrived to attend and old emotions are beginning to flare up. It was a very nicely told, well-acted story of lost love, friendship and rivalry.

I Rymden Finns Inga Känslor (In SpaceThere Are No Emotions): When Sam’s girlfriend breaks up with him he becomes depressed. To cheer him up, and get things back to normal, his socially awkward brother Simon (Bill Skarsgård) decides to set out on a quest to find Sam a new, perfect, girlfriend. Struggling with his own Asperger Syndrome, the quest is more difficult than Simon first expected. This is one of the best Swedish films to come out of our industry in many years. It’s wonderfully funny, awkward and has a great, big, beating heart. I adore it.

The Crucible:

Friends With Benefits:

Crazy Stupid Love:

Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou:

Word of the Week: Fandangle

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Fandangle: A fandangle may be a useless or purely ornamental thing. It may also refer to something nonsensical, foolish or silly: “A big white wedding is a huge fandangle for not much return.”


_____________________Use In a Sentence__________________________



“Gretchen! Would you come into the sitting room, please, dear?”

“Of course, Henry, dear. What is it?”

“Well… that.”




“That’s what it is, Gretchen. That.”

“It’s quite pretty.”

“Well, don’t act so surprised, woman, you must have put it there.”

“Mind your blood-pressure, dear.”

“Oh, that has been your go-to get-out-of-an-argument free-card for five years now – enough about my bleeding blood-pressure! If you were so concerned you wouldn’t go out and waste my money on frivolous shiny things created solely to collect dust on mantle pieces all across the British bloody Isles!”

“Why is it that whenever you’re in a bad temper it’s suddenly your money? You make it sound like a perfect accusation. I didn’t marry you for your money, you know.”

“Oh, blooming rat icicles, woman!”

“Stop calling me woman, you know how I dislike it so.”

“You are a woman!”

“The way you use it makes it sound like it’s wrong of me to be a woman! Would you rather be married to a girl? A little girl, perhaps? Or a man, Henry? Are you deep down a homosexual and afraid to admit it, even to me, your wife of twelve years? That’s half a lifetime to some people.”

“Don’t cry. I dislike it when you cry. And I am not a homosexual, Gretchen, dear. And I know you didn’t marry me for my silly money and of course it’s our money. There, there. There, there.”

“Stop patting me, Henry.”

“Yes, dear.”

“Now, cook is in an upset over the luncheon tomorrow. Something about the quails eggs being delayed in Brighton. I must go see to it, you do understand, don’t you, dearest?”

“Yes, yes, go see to it, naturally. It’s what you do…”

She leaves.

“‘It’s quite pretty’. Takes me for a fool. A perfect fandangle is what it is. Crystal? I would think so. Perhaps I should smash it against the hearth and teach her a lesson? … But that would bring tears… Oh, it’s heavy. Just a lump of bloody crystal sitting on top of the bloody mantel piece. Surely Anne and Karen and what’s-her-name will oooooh and aaaahhhh their way through the damned luncheon. I’ll have to make up an excuse not to be here. Perhaps I should make a doctor’s appointment. You mustn’t muck about with your blood-pressure, Henry, old fellow, now must you?”






You Are

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But a glimpse

and my heart

begins racing.

But a smile

and my back

has grown wings.

But a touch

and I know


that you

are the

splendid of things.

The Dash-All Chronicles: Revelations

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I looked from one to the other.

“Look,” I finally broke the silence, “I’ve had a really rough night and a very strange morning and I’m beginning to get completely weirded out by this whole situation so please just explain it to me so that I can understand why you look like you’re both about to throw up. Please.”

I added the last specifically aimed at my sister and she clearly softened because her face muscles relaxed – I actually saw them relaxing – and she came up to me, ushering me gently over to a chair and making me sit down before bringing out the piece of paper from her apartment.

“This is part of a larger volume kept at the vaults in Saltbrooke,” she said.

I frowned.

“There are vaults in Saltbrooke?”

“Will you not interrupt me, maybe?”

I clamped my lips shut and focused on the odd tangle of foreign letters and symbols which filled the paper.

“It’s Monaic – their language. It’s a journal entry, written nearly three-hundred and fifty years ago, telling of how a young man came to be invited to a midnight soirée and offered immortality if he would sacrifice his younger sister. The vampire overlord wanted her for a pet, you see, to be drained over and over for the rest of her life. However long he managed to keep himself from killing her, that is.”

I swallowed hard, feeling an uncomfortable lump in the middle of my throat at the mere thought of it. I already knew who the young man was.

“But he didn’t sacrifice her,” I said, certain I was right.

“He did,” Maryann said. “He writes how he’d always been selfish and careless and how his sister had just yelled at him for throwing their father’s inheritance away. He was tired of her. So he brought her to the overlord. He writes that he can still hear her screams as they closed the door behind him.”

“He got her out of there.”

I’m convinced now.

Maryann shakes her head slowly.

“No, this is what we’re dealing with – understand? This is what they are. They have no conscience. He doesn’t write anything about regret or sorrow. Journals written over a century of chronicling his journey and that’s the only mention of her. That’s what he had to do to become one of them. There’s no humanity in them.”

“And wasn’t it a human who made the choice to hand her over?” I exclaimed, unsure of why I was so incredibly defensive all of a sudden.

Father Ignesius had removed his collar and stepped through the door of a bathroom to now emerge wearing black jeans and a grey sweater. He looked simple and ordinary. When he’d worn the guise of a man of God at least he’d had some clout, I’d thought, but now I just thought of how Seth had tackled the Lion and I felt like laughing at them. What did they think they were going to do?

“Have you ever even seen one?” I asked.

Father Ignesius paused, meeting my gaze with the same unflinching stare that Seth had granted me only a few hours earlier.

“Yes,” the father replied and something about it sent a chill up my spine.

“What’s the original sword?” I asked.

The father smiled. I thought it was almost sad.

“It’s part of an old saying.”

“An old saying?” I asked, my eyebrows raising. “That’s why you’re so worked up?”

“‘We all exist in world forlorn till sword of wood show our scorn’,” he cited. “It’s their… Roman eagle. Their seal. It’s enough to create flames that won’t simply allow for us to smother them back down. These flames will spread like wildfire. Have already begun to.”

“What are you saying here?” I asked. “That the vampires are… converging? How many are there? Can’t be that many if they can stay hidden.”

The father and Maryann exchanged another of those knowing glances and I felt like stomping my feet. I didn’t want to ask silly questions or say stupid things, but twelve hours ago I would have scoffed at the mere word ‘vampire’ and here I had to suddenly deal with there being a vampire crisis?

“Give me a break,” I sighed.

They seemed to at least grow regretful at that as Maryann said:

“You know all those things you read about them? They’re fast, strong, got great hearing, sight, smell? Yeah, that’s all true. Add to that that they’re incredibly smart – I mean, some of them have had a thousand years to hone their intellect smart – then if you put a hundred of them in a battle field against a human army then you might have a slim possibility of standing as victor. Aim a thousand of them at the same target and the human race honestly don’t have a hope in hell.”

“Why haven’t they just… aimed themselves before?” I asked.

“Because they’re too disorganized,” the father replied. “Until now. If they – how did you put it…?”


“Right, if they converge around the sword then there’s no telling what they’ll do.”

“So how many are there?” I asked, trying not to sound panicked.

Maryann replied slowly:

“That we know of… closer to ten thousand.”