Onward and Upward

As I enter the field of Blogging I wonder what it’ll have in store for me. I would wish for a huge Welcome sign and balloon animals in different colors and possibly even a half-naked man jumping out of a cake (just for the hell of it I’d love it to be Robert Downey Jr. singing the broadway version of MJ’s “Thriller” while brandishing a cane and top-hat), but I’m not going to be naive about this anonymous world – clearly I’m going to get as much crap back as I put out there. We can’t all get along, people. Bring it on.

To those of you who’ll agree with me on most of what I have to say: firstly, you’re awesome; secondly, I believe this might be the beginning of a long and fruitful friendship. Welcome sign – balloons in different colors – half-naked man of your choice jumping out of a cake singing the song of your choice. Nice to meet you, please sign the guestbook on your way out and do come again for further discussion and sharing of the cake!


~ by mescribe on July 14, 2010.

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