“What do I care?”


It’s the most dreaded sentence I can think of in the context of writing in general and blogging in particular. It’s the sentence that makes every full stop, every comma, every new paragraph into the enemy, because what if it’s there – right then – that the reader goes “Bored now” and moves onto that freakishly stylish, impossibly imaginative and unnervingly original post by That Other Writer?

“What do I care?” encompasses all the fears and insecurities of a writer, be they writing poetry, short stories, novels, screenplays, limericks, slogans for poor advertising (in which case the phrase will probably already be duely anticipated) or blogposts. I mean, here I am, one of those ordinary people with just enough dreams at the back of my head to want to even attempt to impose my views on the world at large – perhaps I should have written ordinary bloggers – and I’m out there, everyday, reading other people’s posts and thinking, wow, there sure is a whole bunch of us with similar aspirations. So many of us who want to write, share, impact even, or maybe just slice a piece off for ourselves, claim it, say “Yeah, you heard me, that’s why you should care!”

It’s a tricky thing to capture an audience. I just finished reading one of the Freshly Pressed of the day and it made a lot of sense: content, the surprise element and timing are all crucial for the whole blog thing to work for you instead of against you; and naturally the more dedicated you are to your blog, the more confident you will feel when promoting it, but how easy is it to encorporate all of these things into your posts?

It’s not, is the simple answer. Some readers want fluffy entertainment pieces while others want to brow-beat you over the latest abortion law passed by congress; some readers want to look at close-up pictures of your tattoos and some want to laugh outloud when they read your posts: this is why it’s such a blessing that we’re so diverse and that there are so many of us out there – there will always be something for everyone. And that is inspiring to me.

“What do I care?”

In the end it doesn’t really matter of nobody cares, because foremost I can tell you that I am writing for myself, for my own amusement, for a place to go back and have thoughts, opinions, stupid little irks, funny moments and crazy links to God-knows-what collected for many years to come. I’ll be able to compare notes, see if the funny is still funny and the stupid is still stupid, and I’m looking forward to it. 

Because, honestly, if you’re only writing for an audience and not for yourself, why should they care?


~ by mescribe on August 4, 2010.

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