GP: Number Two


The truth is, I love all kinds of chocolate. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, crunchy chocolate, nutty chocolate, chili chocolate, orange chocolate, mint chocolate, coffee chocolate, chocolate ice-cream. I can even eat the fruity chocolate and the salty chocolate, if it’s light on the something-other-than-chocolate. I even adore the very word: chocolate. It encompasses perfectly what it means, it rolls around on your tongue, thick and melty and delicious. Chocolate is, by far, the most pleasurable of my guilty pleasures.


~ by mescribe on August 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “GP: Number Two”

  1. Mmmmm…chocolate. You really do love all chocolate. I don’t like some coffee and mint chocolate. I also don’t like those chocolate oranges. But the smashing the chocolate orange part is fun.

    • Ooooh, smashing of chocolate oranges. That makes me very much in the mood for chocolate. Any kind, really. Then again, that doesn’t make this moment stand out much from any other. We actually have a chocolate factory only thirty minutes away. I know, color me Charlie. But at least that’s expensive chocolate so I only indulge once in a while. Freshly made chocolate pralines. Mmmmmh, tongue-rolls of Heaven.

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