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Can’t hardly wait!


First off – I laughed. I laughed a lot. I laughed a lot with my mouth covered by one hand so as not to disturb the other movie goers. There was some Laughing Together, but some moments were more for the non-Twi than anyone else, I think. Which made them brilliantly suited for yours truly.

There’s no point in getting into too many details because it will just take away from the fun if you ever choose to see it, but I will tell you that they reenacted the scene where Becca meets Jacob for the first time in a fantasmic way; there was a scene with an apple, a bowling-ball and a baby which was hilarious; and Edward’s reaction to his and Becca’s first kiss was priceless.

I thought the cast did a good job. I liked both Jenn Proske as Becca and Matt Lanter as Edward. Proske had the body-language and awkwardness of Kristen Stewart’s Bella down to a T and it was entertaining to watch. Lanter performed the deadpan, empty stare of Edward beautifully, though I found he failed to have fun with the constant over-acting of Robert Pattinson. The guy who stole the show, however, was definitively Chris Riggi as Jacob with a perfect comic timing that elevated every scene he appeared in.

Of course, the movie had major issues – in my personal opinion, mostly because it runs its story line so intricately close to the actual story line of the Twi-Saga, which is bo-horing.

It’s difficult to pin-point exactly what would have made it more interesting, though, because I also kind of liked it since they did shorten the story line and in doing so shone a much needed light on how five movies could pretty easily have been shoved into one and the overall story of the Twi-Saga wouldn’t have suffered for it.

If I had gotten the opportunity they were given, I would have wanted my movie to have something added, some kind of an actual plot, to show how lacking a plot Twilight is. Then again, perhaps that would have defeated the purpose. Staying true to the non-plot of Twilight and making fun of it along the way is most probably the best way to highlight all the flaws in it… Hmh. Tricky. I guess I was just expecting more. More of the poking fun of, pointing out the obvious and annoying things that I’ve gotten hung up on about the Twi-Saga; less of people flying through the air and crash-landing on someone’s head.

Yes, the humor did suffer, at times, from poor writing. A lot of jokes fell rather flat because they were too studied and something a regular audience might even expect from a movie such as this. The shock-factor isn’t as shocking anymore, the gag-and-awe has to be something truly original and spectacular in this day and age, when everyone’s already seen all the Scary Movies and God knows how many other spoofs have been done over the past decade. It takes a truly intelligent and provoking visual to make an audience jerk into laughter – there wasn’t enough of those.

Still, I’m glad I went to see it. It was absolutely worth it. And when it comes out on DVD, this movie is going to take up that empty space on my movie shelf which the Twi-Saga will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever occupy. Never.

Never ever.


~ by mescribe on August 30, 2010.

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