Word of the Week: Foudroyant

Foudroyant, meaning brilliant or dazzling.

____________________Use in a Sentence________________________

“Goodness gracious, Heather, whatever has happened to your teeth?”

“I had them whitened. At the dentist. You know, you can get it done now. It’s all the rage.”

“Please, darling, don’t smile, it’s much too foudroyant for this time of day. Please, stop.  Forgive me, it’s rather annoying. I think the sun is reflecting back at me.”

“So draw the blinds, Irma, dearest. I don’t want to sit here and not smile, I’ll feel rude.”

“Oh, yes, alright, I’ll close them… There.”


(Irma heaves a sigh and sits back down.)

“No. More coffee?”


Oh, what a difference a word makes. I’ve been looking for a good synonym for brilliant for quite a while now – and here it is! Foudroyant!


~ by mescribe on August 31, 2010.

2 Responses to “Word of the Week: Foudroyant”

  1. LOVE it. The way you used it made me laugh out loud!!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it. It makes me feel utterly foudroyant! (It’s important to use a new word as often as possible, to make it stick.) 😉

      All my best!

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