Word of the Week: Tumbarumba

Tumbarumba, orig. Australia, (synonym tmesis), it is the word for that curious trick of stuffing one word into the middle of another, usually a word not really used in the politest of societies.

Source: www.worldwidewords.com

_______________________Use It In a Sentence___________________

“Where the bloody hell are my stockings? Albert! Have you seen my bloody stockings?”

“No, but there is a whole bunch of clean ones in the hamper, dear.”

“Oh, don’t be coy; it’s bloody unattractive in a middle-aged man.”

“Yes, dear.”

“Unbefucking lievable!”

“What is it now, flower of my meadow?”

“One of my goddamn stockings has gone missing. I can only find one of the gray ones. Well, this is just fanbloodytastic, isn’t it? I can’t find the other one and I’ll just have to change my whole bleeding outfit, won’t I?”

“I’m not sure. Will you?”

“Yes, Albert, yes, I will. This is why I’m in the middle of a bloody melt-down!”

“Yes, dear.”

“We don’t have time for this!”

“We, dear? I have been ready to go for the past fourteen minutes.”

“Will you drop the calm and come help me search for my fucking stocking?”

“Well, if it’s scampered off on it’s own I doubt it’s engaging in any kind of coitus.”


“Coming right abloodyway, apple of my pie.”


Me like to tumbarumba all day long. 🙂


~ by mescribe on September 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “Word of the Week: Tumbarumba”

  1. I think I’ve been to Tumbarumba – in a caravan!

    • A caravan is the only way to get there! 😉 Wouldn’t surprise me at all if you’re deadly serious because this word sounds just like some distant U-turn in the Outback, for sure.

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