Party Planning and the Stress That Comes With It

I honestly never thought it would be this stressful. I mean, I got the idea to throw a Halloween bash a few months back and since then most of the things I wanted to incorporate into my idea have gone pretty darn smoothly:

1. Locale

The venue I wanted was free the date I wanted it – the 5th of November. (In Sweden All Hallows Eve is on the 6th of November.) It was a lucky stroke since it was nearly completely booked for the rest of the fall. I was thinking “Thanks be to the Higher Powers.” or something not far from it.

2. The Winchester Widowmakers

The local band I wanted to secure amiably said they’d love to be a part of the night. (Of course, the handsome fee I offered might’ve had something to do with it, not just the charm with which I presented my layout for the evening. Hmh.)

3. Beat-master

The DJ I landed on when I searched the internet turned out to be Awesome in the Extreme Way. He’s an event planner himself with years of experience and he freely offered up his advice, which was truly wondrous for a novice such as myself.

These Are The Points Which Concern Me:

  • I have, seriously, no money to put towards promoting this party.
  • I have to make posters and tickets myself somehow, but will that affect the crowd I’m wishing to attract – will it seem too unprofessional?
  • I have to build some sort of a homepage for myself as an event planner on the rise. Would a blog seem too desperate?
  • Will I sell enough tickets? If I can’t attract at least 350 people, because of budget restraints, the party can’t happen and I’ll have to repay the tickets that were sold.
  • Will people be pissed if I have to repay them the tickets they bought without really informing them of this possibility beforehand?

I believe I can pull this off and I want to pull it off, but that doesn’t mean I actually will pull it off. And that’s what’s stressing me out right now. If I can only attract enough people, all will be well. But what if, due to insignificant promotion strategies, I fail completely to do that? Crap on a thing, that would be bad (to borrow a quote from Lynette).

Right – enough stalling – time to get to work on my day. Hopefully a few of the issues will be resolved by nightfall. Update to be added later on.


~ by mescribe on September 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “Party Planning and the Stress That Comes With It”

  1. This sounds awesome! Organizing that large of a Halloween party sounds stressful but also fun. Good luck!

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