GP: Number Four

Buying notebooks.

I mean, I’ll go into a bookstore or paper shop or possibly even a supermarket and, gosh darn it, isn’t that notebook the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and immediately the Greedy Itch appears, thinking of all the things I could write in this must-have-to-join-the-three-dozen-unused-notebooks-on-my-shelf indispensable collection of blank pages. Things I wouldn’t write in any one of the others because, you know, they’re all so unique that clearly their purpose for existing is to accept unique thoughts. Meaning that the unique thoughts that are meant for one can never be meant for another. So clearly I have to buy it or I’ll be severely undermining my own creative process.

Or something.


~ by mescribe on October 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “GP: Number Four”

  1. I always want more notebooks. Forget that I have a dozen empty ones. I need more. More I tell you!

    • You go, girl! It’s cool when they’re full of scribbles, to go back and be like THAT’S what I was thinking back then? But it’s also nice when they’re all empty and waiting and full of promises. Me loves the notebooks!

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