Put a Ring on It, Baby.

Just watch it. I promise you it’s good for a smile.

(only things good for a smile will ever be posted in the blog, scouts honor.)

(not that I was a scout.)

(because I’m a girl.)

(but still.)


~ by mescribe on October 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “Put a Ring on It, Baby.”

  1. Wow. Hilfrickinlarious (poor example of tumbarumba). Definitely good for a smile. Thanks.

    I’m thinking the dad has that video on the tv quite often. The baby seems pretty familiar with the choreography.

    Hey, “Girls Scouts”? Little sashes with all their merit pins stuck on? Sell all the cookies? Thin Mints and Tagalongs? Scouts honor all you want.

    • Ahhh, the tumbarumba – I see there has been some possible browsing, sir, I’m much obliged. Oh, and I’m a giver, totally, when it comes to smiles, no need to thank me. Yes, the kid is clearly brainwashed. Probably so dad would have something to stick up on YouTube that didn’t involve cutting together his own versions of Beyonce’s videos. Oh, that was mean. I love that YouTube clip. Go, Beyonce loving dad, go!

      Ohhh, you’re right, of course there’s a Girl’s Scouts. Completely slipped my mind. My non-American heritage makes itself know. Damn it! I mean, that’s grrrreat, makes my word of honor that much more believable.

      All my best.

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