Halloween 2010: It’s the Promotion That’s a Bitch

Especially when you have no budget for it.

Looking back now I’m feeling I was a little bit too optimistic about how the idea should be able to sell itself and hook people into wanting to buy tickets, since something like this never happens in the small town where I live. I also feel like I started this process extremely late. But then, I had the idea for this party not more than a month or so back, so not much I could do there.

I was thinking I could:

  • Morph into The Extraordinarily Annoying Ty of Extreme Home Make-Over and run around town with a megaphone attached to my lips, telling anyone and everyone about the opportunity THEY CANNOT MISS, PEOPLE! IT’S AN UNMISSABLE OPPORTUNITY, PEOPLE! Then I thought that will probably alienate half the population of the town – the half that would’ve wanted to come – and I’ll be left with just my mom and dad in attendance. Would be a bummer. (Though I love them dearly.)
  • Possibly I could bake for a week in advance and entice people with the promise of free cookies, cakes and buns. But this will probably do one of two things: attract only children under the age of ten, which might get me in trouble with the police since I’m meant to be serving alcohol, and well, if only ten year olds show I can’t not serve the alcohol, right? Second thing: I attract people over the age of seventy-five and there I have sort of the same problem, except the free cookies, cakes and buns will serve to put them to sleep by nine and the band goes on at ten and I won’t serve any alcohol at all then, instead, so… No.
  • My final thought was that, maybe, I could sneak up on people on town, dressed in my costume, obviously, and scare them into coming. By “scare” I here mean “show them the awesome time they’ll have dressing up and doing the scaring themselves”. I mean, who doesn’t want to attend a scary freakfest for Halloween? NO ONE! Unless they’re under ten or over seventy-five, possibly.

I’m feeling pretty good about the third option. It will showcase what the evening is supposed to be about and it will also leave an impression on the people whom I scare. I might do a Carrie, too, and bring some fake blood to splash in their faces. They’ll surely remember that. And I’ve heard that the blood is all syrupy goodness so then there’s a treat in it for them as well – total win-win.

Alright, I’m feeling better now. Yeah. This could work. I’ll be back with updates.


~ by mescribe on October 2, 2010.

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