Word of the Week: Dandiprat

Dandiprat, meaning dwarf or small boy; also meaning an insignificant or contemptible person.

(Source: http://www.worldwidewords.org)

_______________________Use In a Sentence____________________

“Did you hear about Alfred?”

“No, what about Alfred?”

“Well, I heard it from Eugena’s sister Hermoine who in her turn had picked it up from Lisa’s cousin Bertha who had gleaned it from her sister’s fiancée’s niece who happens to be a master at eaves dropping at everyone and anyone. They have a small crack in their kitchen wall, you see, between the dining room and the… never mind. It’s not important. Alice – the niece – heard Mr. Dumpling speaking with Mrs. Gottfrey that in the event of Alfred’s coming to live with them they would be quite sourly put out for he is – and hark this – so very much a dandiprat!”


“Well, have you nothing to say to that?”

“To what, exactly, Margaret?”

“Well, for him to have suddenly morphed into a dandiprat he must have been shrinking these past five years he’s been away, wouldn’t you agree? He was at least a head taller than you when he left, I remember it distinctly for I said to Mrs. Hurst one day that I had heard from Elphamena that there was no one as tall in town as her Howard, and I immediately said to her, I said, I disagree, Elphie, I do, for I have it in good mind that my Mr. Larkin is half a brow taller than your Howard and she… Yes, yes, I suppose it is a trifle really. But it is the most curious thing!”

“Is it?”

“It is! Do you question my judgement on the matter of height?”

“I do not, dear. Only on every other account.”

“But for a person to have shrunk a good many sizes he must have some sort of deformity, some sort of illness, wouldn’t you think so? And what if it contaminates the whole town? We will all be walking around like a school of dandiprats before year’s end!”

“Yes, but I fear it is too late, my dear. At least for this household.”

“Oh, the things you say!”

She rises and leaves.

He turns the page of his newspaper with a small sigh.


I will only ever use the word in a loving fashion. It’s quite a racist turn of phrase, isn’t it? Like all small people can be bunched together with the word “contemptible”? Tsk, tsk. Just thought I’d make you aware. Calling a contemptible person contemptible may be all well and true, but calling a short person a dandiprat may be prelude to a right hook. Careful how you use this word.


~ by mescribe on October 4, 2010.

4 Responses to “Word of the Week: Dandiprat”

  1. Word of the Week has become a look-forward-to posting for me. What you do with the dialogue is really clever, and I learn a new and exciting word that I’ll never use in a million years. Thanks.

    Chase McFadden

    • Oh, wow, thanks. That’s the nicest thing – ever! Aaaaaand you can never be too sure. Your subconscious works in mysterious, awkward ways and sooner or later you may be referring to your four little cutie-pies as regular dandiprats, each and every one. 😉

      Love your blog, btw. Just had to get that in there.

  2. LOVE it. Always love the stories…and the names in this one were fantastic. It was such a fun read and I always look forward to more!!

    I heart the word of the week and I don’t care who knows!! I’ll shout it from the rooftops I tell you, the rooftops.

    • Oh, wow, the compliments keep on coming! 🙂 Thank you, that is like a douse of chocolate rain followed by a shower of sprinkles and a dip in a caramel river. I roll around in it with delight! You’re wonderfully sweet. Glad to entertain! 🙂

      Hug from me.

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