Animal Kingdom

This duckling has found a few new friends and decides to give them a helping… beak.

Something to share with the kids, for those of you that have them! (Yes, I’m speaking to you, Mr. McFadden)


~ by mescribe on October 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Animal Kingdom”

  1. Mr. McFadden??? Am I the only non-twentysomething who reads your blog? Geez, I feel old. Think I’ll go tweezer my nose hairs and put some type of ointment on my sore knee or something.

    Yeah, I’ll show the kids the video. Although I was sort of thinking that an alligator was going to explode out of the water at some point and devour that sweet little helper duckling. My kids really would have dug that. But they’ll like it anyway. Thanks for thinking of them.

    Take care,

    Mr. McFadden

    • Chase – you are a funny, funny man. I was being respectful, don’t bash it, sir. Actually, I wasn’t, I was being ironic. 😉 Also, you’re one of three who reads my blog so… I’m not sure about my demographic, to be honest. You’re a third of Happy, anyway. (My Happy, that is) Oh, I’m so sorry to disappoint them! I will promptly find the most violent cute movie out there and post it the next time around. Please, let them know.

      Ms. Widholm.

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