Word of the Week: Ichthyophagous

Ichthyophagous, a group of animals (or humans) that has a diet consisting mainly of fish.

(Source: http://www.worldwidewords.org)

____________________Use In a Sentence________________________

“Yes, well that’s precisely what Brainy Stan said to  Clever Steve, he said ‘That, my good man, is not the backside of a  Rubrics Cube, but the front piece of a major conundrum.”

Dry laughter from the Blazer Brigade surrounding Frank, the speaker, in the small private library they’re occupying.

“And how did Clever Steve retort?”

“Well, he was quite stumped for words, Brainy Stan is not called Brainy Stan for show, you know.”

“Oh, of course I know. Clever Steve can be quite the ignoramus when it comes to the bigger philosophical and existential queries of life and death and here and there and everywhere.”

“Yes, yes, yes, quite, quite.”

Lisa, slender and attractive, has listened to the exchange with a slight frown and now seizes the opportunity to chime in.

“I’m not sure I understand.”

“Oh, but you don’t have to understand, Pretty Lisa, you just have to stand here and look pretty. You do it so well.”

She smiles a little, but rolls her eyes as Eric enters.

“Holy crap, guys, did you see what Jesse did with the house mascot?! Dude, that’s messed up! Up high! … Okay, maybe not.”

“What did Wunderkind Jesse do with the house mascot, Apprentice Eric?”

“Oh, man, check it out, alright – he took the nose of the head of the thing and like pushed it in till it was completely flat, right! Flat!”

“The house mascot is a bulldog.”

“Is that a dog, dude? No way!”

“They are flat-faced by nature.”

“Nah-ah, not that one. That one’s flat-faced by Jesse, man, know what I’m saying? Up high! …Alright, that’s clearly not your– here, I put my hand up high and then you…” He takes the hand of the guy closest to him and slaps it against his own: “… Alright! That’s what I’m talking about.”

Lisa looks worried.

“Did he really do something to a poor little dog?”

“No, no, Giles is stuffed so there’s no need to sound the animal cruelty alarm.”

She looks relieved, but a little disgusted. Eric, having left the room, now reenters it with arms held high, as if he has an announcement to make; and he does.

“Lady and gentlemen, let me just say this once, alright? They are going to have a Week of Fish next week in the cafeteria, make all different fish dishes from all kinds of places, right? Yeah, so I’m thinking that after that I can totally go around telling everyone that I’m an ichthyophagous and it won’t be a lie! That is awesome.”

He turns and leaves the room once more.


“What the hell– Genius Frank, what was he on about?”

All eyes turn to Frank, including Lisa’s.

“I believe he was referring to the tradition of sharing food in the ancient Inca community. They used to sit in a neighboring hut and have a share of their supper, alternating nights between huts so that everyone got a turn and could show off their cooking skills. It was really quite the competition amongst them and–”

“No, that’s not what that word refers to.”

Lisa has interrupted him.

“You know what. I came here tonight because I wanted to get a glimpse of the insides of something as prestigious as your club, and now that I’ve seen it I’ve come to the realization that there’s nothing here to admire. I’m going to go get Eric and tell him to tell you to stick your apprenticeship where the sun don’t shine and then we’re getting out of here.”

She puts her glass down and heads to the door, stopping in it and facing them again.

“And for your information an ichthyophagous refers to a group of animals that survive mainly on a fish based diet. And that can allude to human beings as well.”

She turns and leaves.


“Did you mean ‘where the sun doesn’t shine’?”

Dry laughter from the Blazer Brigade.


I am a total ichthyophagous, or a part of that family, anyway. I love fish, I adore fish, and fish in any shape and form. Fried fish, baked fish, fish cakes, fish soup… that’s all I can think of right now, but then there are so many different kinds of fish to use in those dishes that my mouth just waters at the thought of it. But eat fish responsibly and do not buy fish that’s been taken from red marked districts or fish that’s actually labeled as endangered.



~ by mescribe on December 10, 2010.

4 Responses to “Word of the Week: Ichthyophagous”

  1. See, it just goes to show what I have known all along. Every time you try to become a part of a prestigious club, and you finally get in or get a glimpse, you end up standing there wondering what the hell you were thinking and what all the fuss was about. Great for Lisa. Up top!


    Happy Weekend!

    • Thanks, Mairzee! 🙂 And I so totally agree, right, who would ever want to be part of some stuffy club? I’d like to be part of the Life Never Bites Me ‘Cause I Carry Pepper Spray Club. Or I Make the Best PB&J Sandwich Club. Or why not, after I’ve bought a plane ticket to Florida and found somewhere to stay and rented a car to go to the place where the wolves live, join the I Petted a Wolf and Lived to Post the Awesome Picks In My Blog Club? Did you see that on Thoughts blog? Seriously, dude, you and me are next. 😉

  2. Been missing me some Word of the Week. Weekly vocabulary enhancement? Check.

    Glad you’re back.

    • Thank you, Chase, that’s lovely to hear! Been missing this place and doling out those weekly vocab enhancements. Maybe you can use this one to stun your kids into gobbling down their fish because they want to be part of the absolute coolness that is the Ichthyophagous clan? 🙂

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