My New Diet

Two weeks ago I began partaking in a diet consisting of… wait for it… powder. Yeah, you know it. Soups and shakes that you mix with some water and eat or drink. The Cambridge Diet.

Well, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, friends and foes, everyday heroes and Pottery Barn lovers – I have had it with trying to make it and always breaking it. “It” being the promise to myself to get healthy, stop eating so much stuff that’s plain bad for me and to change my lifestyle so that I can maintain this healthy new attitude for the rest of my days.

I’ve been trying to get a handle on my sugar addiction for, oh, six or so years now. I’ve joined the Weight Watchers twice and it’s been good and successful, but after a few months and perhaps ten or fifteen pounds shed, the fire that was burning in my belly has just fizzled and burned out. When summer rolls around and the ice-cream beckons, I’ve just let the Healthy Thinking go and engaged the Instant Gratification side of my brain once more. Which does not a happy marriage make.

The reason I decided on the Cambridge Diet is actually very, very simple: I’m a visual person and one of my closest friends and her husband joined the diet in September last year and in three months I got to see just how effective it actually is, as long as you stick with it. Seeing is believing, as they say, and so, after a December where I just let the IG run rampant and ate as much Christmas candy as I had time to make for myself (yes, in the spirit of the season I shared some of it with others, IG does not mean Instant Greed) I decided, the last week of 2010, that I would try the Cambridge diet and see where it took me. Come hell or high water, I would see it through and not fail myself yet again.

I started on January 10th and so this is my third week.

I was lucky, I didn’t feel horrible the first five days, which I had been forewarned that I might. Drowsiness, headaches, vertigo, mood swings – all of these possible side-effects from the body going through such a deep cleanse. Henrik, my good friend’s husband (who lost around forty pounds in three months, I should add) did feel sluggish and rather strange the first five days.

Three bags contain 475 calories, which is the whole amount that you feed your body per day. Considering a grown woman should have an intake of around 1800 calories a day this is an absolutely staggering figure, but as the bags are packed with all the vitamins etc. that you need in a day and the body thus is fed all that goodness that it needs to keep its energy level up, it really doesn’t affect you. It’s remarkable.

And I feel fine. I have even started up an exercise program which is pretty intense, at least for me, and even that doesn’t affect the way I feel. In fact, it actually increases my energy, which I know isn’t astonishing, but still sort of amazing to me.

Do I miss food?

Karin, my good friend, said that she really missed that sensation of chewing. I don’t miss that. I miss the tastes. I miss salt and fat, I think, because last week I was craving crisply fried bacon and crisps. And bread. Yeah, I would love to make myself a really hearty sandwich.

But apart from this I actually feel inspired. I want to take away my almostsickly behavior of buying sweets just for the sake of it nowadays (or thenadays, I guess), even if it hardly even tasted good around Christmas because my body had gotten desensitized to the sugar. I want the pleasure in food and sweets back! And I know I will only be able to keep it if I eat everything in smaller amounts. The first three bites are always the best – I want to keep this in mind.

I’ve been going through my previously untouched cookbooks like food is my new religion, pouring over pictures of seafood and meat dishes, salads and desserts, planning all the wonderful things I will do to my palate once I’ve had my final bag of powder-mix. I’ve been scouring the recipe webpages that I’ve known of, but never really used, as well, and love the inspiration that the discovery of new combinations can give my mind. It’s tantalizing!


April will come soon.

I want to shed 26 kg. That’s around… 50 pounds, I believe. Possibly a little more or less. But yes, I’ve been putting it on since I finished high school and it’s coming off, finally.

I’m shedding this weight for me, for my well-being, for my future, because this body has been taken for granted for far too long and I’m seriously done abusing it. I want to live a long and happy life, and here’s me taking the first steps towards it.

Got any healthy recipes to share? Please, do!

Got any motivational (or non-motivational) stories about food or health or life in general to tell? Please, do!

Much love from me!

(I almost wrote Live Long and Prosper, but it felt cheesy as hell.) Oh. Cheese… 🙂

PostScript: No, I swear, this is not a promotional thing for the Cambridge Diet, even though it may seem like it. They’re not paying me a dime. Maybe they should. Hmh.


~ by mescribe on January 24, 2011.

8 Responses to “My New Diet”

  1. April seems so far away! Good luck with your diet! Have you started to lose weight already?

    • Thanks, hon! Yes, it seems miles and miles away, down a gnarly, twisty-turny road, but I know the trek will be worth it! Yes, I have lost nearly one and a half centimeter around my waist already, which would be around four pounds. It’s not a huge amount, but the second week is always the slowest and I feel confident the weight loss will pick up in the coming weeks. I’m determined as hell to see this through! 🙂

  2. I say good for you! I’ve been there, where you eat so much candy or junk that soon everything seems to run together and you have lost the appreciation you once had for a hot fudge sundae or some cheese fries. Being completely honest, I would have to say that I have battled my love hate relationship with food for years. I wish that I could just eat something for the sheer pleasure of eating it and not try to calculate everything it contains nutritionally and not nutritionally as it were. I try to remind myself that it’s just food and it is, but, I love food. The flavors, the satisfaction from a hearty meal. I just need to find a way to balance that. I have to lose about 75 pounds myself. It’s time and I have joined Weight Watchers. One day at a time I say. I love how you are pouring over cook books and re discovering your love of food. That’s what it’s all about in my opinion. Good luck and keep up the good work! I will be tuning in to see how you do and here if you need any moral support, or someone to send you extra ice cream too :).

  3. ..”send youR extra ice cream too”…I forgot the R. Man oh man, I don’t think I’ll ever be hired as a proofreader :).

    • Yes! It’s horrible when you’re in that place and just can’t stop yourself, right? And it doesn’t even taste of anything anymore. I hate it. It’s such a waste, both of produce and pounds. You’ve got a bigger chunk to lose than I do, that’s for sure, but as long as you WANT it you can DO it! I’m rooting for you, girl! And I’m absolutely like you – I love eating without worrying. I mean, counting calories can be so tedious, but if it’s what it’s going to take for me to keep my weight down, I’m sure as hell going to do it. And I know that once I’ve done it for a while, I’ll begin to learn to do it just as naturally as not doing it.

      Weight Watchers are great. For me, with Cambridge, I just wanted to have a fool-proof (because it is) way of shedding my extra weight so that, when I’m done, it will be about maintaining it. I have this nasty habit of doing really well for a few months with WW and then I’ve shed maybe sixteen or so pounds and I start feeling really good about myself and my clothes fit me better and then I think I can just keep my control over my sugar addiction so I start eating candy again and then I slip back into my old habits once more. Very frustrating. With this I am determined not to. I am brainwashing myself away from it, you could say. And to be a few sizes smaller can’t hurt. I’ll be able to weigh those crisps or that bar of chocolate against how much exercise I’ve done in the week and think – Have I earned this? And if I haven’t I want to be able to think, right, this bar of chocolate symbolizes two full meals of food or half the calories you need today, is it bloody worth it? And I WILL say NO! 🙂

      Hugs to you, darling! Same goes for you, you know, if you ever need someone to chat with about weight or anything, just drop me a note! Haha, that extra ice-cream is not being sent your way because I’m not going to foil your attempts, my dear! But when we’ve lost our weight, we’ll celebrate with a hot fudge sundae, how’s that sound?

      Lovelovelovelovelovelovelove. (To quote Jim Carrey.)

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