Word of the Week: Impignorate

Impignorate, to place in pawn; to pledge or mortgage.

(Source: worldwidewords.org)

_________________________Use In a Sentence_____________________

“These tarts are wonderful, Marge, what’s your secret?”

“Oh, you know Marge doesn’t reveal her recipes. They’re as well-guarded as a serial killer on death row.”

“Yes, and if anyone ever tried to break one of them free I have the tazer gun to prove it.”

Slight sniggering.

“Ye think ye can keep it doun in thea. Im trin to do tha bleedn’ paprwrk.”


“Sorry, dear, we’ll move out onto the porch.”

“Thanks, luv.”

They go outside, spreading themselves out on a porch chair each.

“It’s amazing to me that you can understand the man. All I hear is ‘rrrrr’.”

“Oh, Denise, that’s unfair.”

“I’m not saying I don’t like it. It’s attractive not to know what a man is saying to you. It’s so much easier to pretend it’s something mildly intelligent.”

They all laugh.

“Well, sometimes I really don’t know what he’s telling me and yes, it does sometimes create explosive situations. Like yesterday when I thought he was having a conversation with me about impregnation.”



More laughter.

“He was talking really fast about something, you know, the way Scottish men usually do.”

“Oh, sure, all Scots I know are speed-talkers.”

Agreeing humming from the others before they laugh again.

“Well, Dustin is one of those, anyway, and I kept hearing ‘impregnate, impregnated, impregnate’ and he was getting upset with me and finally I stopped him and said, look, I want to have a family too down the line. Hell, I’m thirty-five, of course I want to have kids before it’s ‘too late’, right? But I just didn’t think he had to bring it up quite so suddenly, you know? We’ve only been together six months, I feel it’s a little early. We haven’t even talked about marriage or anything like that.

“Anyway, he grew quiet, staring at me, and then he smiled this huge smile and gave me a kiss and calmed down and explained – more slowly – that he was talking about the papers he’d been going through. He’s been going through my bank papers for two days now, they’ve been in a state ever since Jake left. No, no, Dustin worked as a stock broker, he’s good with numbers. So, then Dustin tells me that the house has been impignorated as a collateral for one of Jake’s fucking – sorry – warehouse investments. Turns out impignorate is the same as mortgage in Scottish. ”

Aghast intakes of breath from all.

“Oh, no, Marge, what does this mean?”

“It means that when the divorce is settled I can sue Jake’s ass off for not telling me, since the house is in my name. I’ve already called my lawyers.”

“Hears to that!”

“So, do you have to specifically go to Scotland to meet a Dustin or could you scoop one up somewhere local?”

They all laugh.


I want a Dustin.



~ by mescribe on February 2, 2011.

2 Responses to “Word of the Week: Impignorate”

  1. I always like how you create these pieces strictly from dialogue.

    Impignorate Stars is one of my favorite shows.

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