The Dash-All Chronicles: Beginnings

Seth has been dead for nearly three centuries, but you wouldn’t know it to look at him; he’s not a zombie, thankfully. His real name is Sebastian, but it has grown into Seth for whatever reason, over time. And time again, I suppose. He’s seated across from me, no reflection of his appearing in the polished coffee table of my living room. Why have I invited him in, you wonder? Is it because I’m a pseudo-goth-chick with devastatingly hard makeup and a lace-sleeved dress? Black, naturally. Or is it because I’m a Worshipper, a Misguided – as the church calls them – or as they call themselves: a Follower?

No, I’m actually a short, frizzy-haired twenty-seven year old with way too much cherry red in my closet, I’ve never been particularly fond of black and the thought of relinquishing my freedom to choose for myself by joining a cult has always had me sort of biased against any type of religion. The reason why Seth is in my apartment is that he is the single most extraordinary thing that has ever happened in my otherwise gray everyday life, and when he knocked on my door I didn’t even hesitate to allow him entrance. Okay, so the other reason was that the words out of his mouth weren’t “I’m hungry as hell and your light was on”, but actually “I need your help.” I grew instantly curious, because what could possibly have made a centuries old vampire think that as ordinary a person as me would be able to help him?


~ by mescribe on February 4, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Dash-All Chronicles: Beginnings”

  1. Sounds interesting!

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