There’s Not Enough Hours…

…in a day! This expression rings painfully true at the moment. I have just started a second university course, as well as awaiting a third one that is up-and-coming, and I am drowning in course literature that I really want to read as much of asap because I also have a feature script to write and complete by mid-March. It’s craziness right now. But I’m resolved not to get too stressed out. No, I’m serious. Last week I was freaking out a little, but now I’ve ordered all the books I couldn’t borrow from the library and they will get here well before the third course begins, and the script is… well, let’s just say I’m getting somewhere after five days of OH-MY-GOD-I-DON’T-WANNNNAAAAA! (Lazy whining? Oh, yes.)

My script is a heavy story about rape and what it does to a relationship.



Do you agree that I may need to be in the right frame of mind to pick it up? Yup. Also, I’ve been working on the treatment for the past five months and there comes this moment when you just go: to HELL with it! I’m never going to get it just so, I might as well leave it and work on that happy-happy-joy-joy romcom I was pondering last month.

Nah. It’ll be alright. I’m ten pages in – aiming for at least fifty by Tuesday. Will I pull it off? (Insert ominous music.)

Be back tomorrow with WotW and an update on how I’m doing with My New Diet.

Much l-o-v-e and have one of those wonderful, amazing, stellar, super days, okay? One of those that you can feel in your toes well after you’ve gone to sleep because you’re so content and at ease with yourself and the world. Yeah, one of those.


~ by mescribe on February 10, 2011.

4 Responses to “There’s Not Enough Hours…”

  1. Good luck with your classes and script!

  2. Busy, busy, busy. You can do it!! …and I’m looking forward to more peeks into your writing as well as how your diet is going :).

    • Yes, busy indeed. Apologies that my “tomorrow” in my latest post became “next week”, but now I’m done with the homework for a short while. Until my next course starts on Tuesday, that is. 🙂 Anyway, I really hate neglecting CSiS and my reading of everyone else’s posts that I try to follow on a regular basis! It’s no fun, no fun at all. Anyways, thanks for the encouragement!

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