Week Six: Weigh-In and Progress

by Driben Peter

Yes, on the 14th of February I entered Week Six of the Cambridge Diet Experience. Hearts all around. Yesterday I had my first weigh-in. I don’t have a scale at home (must buy one, though, so I can punish myself if I start regaining the weight! …………. Just kidding.)

Here’s how it works, at least where I am: I’m benefitted to be working toward my goal weight with two of the most well-educated reps for the Cambridge Diet in all of Sweden, and they’re literally just around the corner from me – well, technically they’re across the street and around the corner from me – how sweet is that? There’s a Man and a Woman, or Husband and Wife, if you will, who have been working in the field for over twenty years. Yah. He’s a former gymnastics teacher and she’s an MD. Yah. Safe to say I feel I can trust these people with my health, which is a vital part of this process, because if I didn’t trust the product, how could I not get stressed out even more about not having eaten a single solid food for going on seven weeks? Yah.

So, with regular intervals* I go on check-ups and we have a thirty minute conversation about how I’m doing – mentally and physically – and then the Man/Husband – who is my contact person – tells me about what I can expect for the coming weeks or month, I fill up my supply of shakes (I’ve reached the point most people seem to do since the flavors I’m currently downing are ranked top-two: I can only down these two flavors, the others make me gag. Oh, it is that bad. But these two are nice – mint chocolate and plain chocolate. Well, it’s chocolate and it’s tasty, no surprise there) and my supply of water-flavoring before I go on my merry way.

What is water-flavoring?

Well, it’s a very fine powder which you mix into 1½ liters of water and it makes the water taste of lemon, peach or apple. The apple is not so good, but I’m not an apple-juice-drinker as it is, so I might be biased. The peach is very summery and fresh and the lemon tastes, hand on heart, exactly like lemonade. It is delicious. It’s also wonderful to get some acidity into your mouth because only drinking smooth, chocolate-y shakes just might have made me go a little weird-headed otherwise.

I miss breakfast the most, though.

I’m going to post my Mouth-Watery, Totally Savory, Somewhere Above the Rainbow Breakfast Imaginorium Menu in a bit, I think. It’s nothing special, only it is. It really, really is.

I also miss salt. SALT. Like potato chips and bacon and fries and potatoes with plenty of salt and pepper. And meat. Mhhhh. And I’m not a huge meat eater as it is, red meat, I mean; mostly because it’s a bit pricy for my purse if it’s not a special occasion, but also because I know eating too much of it isn’t good for you. Now I can’t wait to buy a steak and fry it up and salt and pepper it and make homemade fries to go with it, some nice kind of sauce (like béarnaise, the butter be damned) and oven-grilled parsnips and carrots and red onion. Oh. My. God.

Alright, I’m a little bit obsessed with food. I admit it, ergo I don’t have a problem.

My weight when I started this Experience was 86,2 kg.

My weight yesterday was 75,9.

I was happy, though slightly disappointed. I was expecting at least a 12 kg weight loss. But I’m also stoked about the 10 kg, for sure. I mean, I weigh less now than I have in five years, how can I not be overwhelmed by that? I also fit into my size 12 jeans again, which I haven’t in two years, and fun things are happening all over my body with the shrinkage, so I’m pleased as punch.

What’s my goal weight?

I don’t mind sharing: 60 kg.

Which means, by simple math, that I have eight weeks left of chocolate shakes. Does that feel a bit heavy (pun not intended)? You know, it actually only weighs a little heavy because of the lunches and dinners I can’t share with my friends and family. I feel like such a downer when I tell people “Oh, of course you can come over, but just so you remember – we can’t share a bottle of wine and some curry chicken because, hey, I’m doing the shake thing.” It’s not stopping me from doing this, my health is so much more important than a few months of discomfort and asocial behavior. But it does suck royally.

Otherwise, this diet keeps me energized, content and moving steadily toward the goal, so how can I ever argue with that?

*Regular Intervals: I make an appointment to have a longer check-up with measurement-taking, weigh-in and a chat. I haven’t felt I needed one until now and will probably save my next one for the end of March.

Have you ever tried a really weird diet? Has it worked or just made you feel like crap? Have you ever tried a really great diet? Did you lose the weight you wanted?


~ by mescribe on February 18, 2011.

2 Responses to “Week Six: Weigh-In and Progress”

  1. Congratulations on the weight loss! I don’t like apple juice either, so I’d probably have trouble drinking that one mix as well.

    • Why thank you, ThoA. And yes, the apple is no hit, but the lemon! Yummy! I might make me some of that right now, actually… My Friday night treat. Don’t be sad for me, now. 😉 xxx

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