Word of the Week: Yclept

Yclept, by the name of; called.

(Source: worldwidewords.org)

_________________________Use In a Sentence_____________________

“And as such the poor man went on to state that the werewolf had three times bitten him so as to turn him into a werewolf as well.”

“Dying embers, woman, you didn’t believe him!”

“Of course not, Mr. Moronn, for he was very clearly mixing up his mythologies and if there is one thing I dislike more than a liar, it is a person ill-equipped to lie efficiently. It’s pure laziness if you have to borrow from others and cannot make something satisfying up yourself.”

“Quite, quite.”

“It also got me thinking of a word for our weekly discussions.”

“Do share.”

“Werewolf. Well, it seems a perfectly fine word, but when you observe it more closely you realize it’s usage is quite uncommonly misplaced. The man-wolf that is bitten was not a wolf beforehand, you see, but is a wolf now. One would thus conclude the proper term should really be arewolf.”

“Capitol observation, Mrs. Stichell. The creature has been most dreadfully yclept to be sure, with such a misguiding term for a name. Why, children might be fooled by it into thinking that the danger before them is not so dangerous after all when it declares itself a werewolf. They’ll laugh and think there cannot be any harm there then, if the wolf is not a wolf anymore.”

“Yes, thank you, Mr. Moronn, I believe I perfectly understand you. Do you have another word to put before us, then?”

“When I come back. A few puffs on the old pipe and I will be set at ease forthwith.”

He leaves.

“Forthwith? Must he use such ancient terms? I tell you, Mrs. Harding, I hardly understand the man half the time.”

“Oh, Nora, you have an evil streak in you.”

But the two giggle quietly together.

“Well, I should think him most dreadfully yclept with such a name as Mr. Moron. I suppose if the term fits.”

“Oh, shush. Here he comes now.”

“Well, ladies, what say you to the word absquatulate?”


Actually, I might need to look up the origin of werewolf. It’s probably ancient and the were once meant something totally different, like woe me, I’m a wolf, or something.


~ by mescribe on February 18, 2011.

2 Responses to “Word of the Week: Yclept”

  1. Love the way you tell a story. I can always picture things unfolding and often times find myself imagining what the characters look like (not to mention how much my vocabulary has grown). 🙂

  2. Haha, that’s awesome, girl! 🙂 Thanks!

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