I declare this New Clothes Day!

Yes, today is the day. Of course, I’ll have to buy clothes that I will fit into come May, and though I’ve heard this is a no-no when it comes to Food Habits and Weight Loss Stuff (because you will in all likelihood psych yourself out and then just binge when you realize you’ve spent a lot – or at least a tidy sum – of money on clothes you’ll never wear) my confidence is high. I’m going to see this Experience through to the End, and the End has me in a size 8. Oh, yes.

Look at where I was:


Week One



And where I am now:


Week Seven (Yesterday)



And I still have around fifteen kilos to shave off of my body. My shins, for some reason, are the slowest to get the whole no-carb diet thing and haven’t shrunk more than a centimeter in circumference. Perhaps the weight loss begins up top and then gradually eats its way down? Because my shoulder-neck-face area is transformed, as I’ve just kind of proven with the pictorial evidence above –  though that only shows the face area.

Anyway, I’ve spotted a skirt, a top, a dress, two sweaters, two shirts and a coat that I really want for myself.

As I am a mere lowly student who work part time and can’t afford a new skirt, top, dress, sweaters, shirts AND a beautiful coat in the most wonderful red EVER (which would totally take care of one of my things to do on my 30 Before 30, btw), I’m going to have to be selective.

Selective: describing an agonizing conundrum when you must choose though choosing is virtually impossible and you end up regretting your decisions forever.

I am a little bad with handling my money, I’ll be the first to admit this, and with this knowledge in the back of my head I really should be able to restrain myself and think ahead to the months of summer when I’ll be loan-less and will have to rely on my summer job for an income etc. What if I don’t make enough? It’s not like I have a nest-egg to crack open and fry if ever I find myself on the brink of starvation.

Well. It’s just that this is New Clothes Day! I’m going into week eight of My New Diet and damn it, if I don’t deserve to have something beautiful and encouraging to look forward to once I hit my goal weight. To be honest, the money I’m spending now I’ll have to spend then anyway because I’ll have no clothes that fit me.


So off I go, then.

No judgements can be passed along on New Clothes Day. It is a judgement free day. Just so you know.

(Might I add that I am working today and tomorrow and that the outlooks are excellent for a really nice paycheck come the end of March?)

Do you hold onto money with ease or do you let them fly out of your hands if ever you spot something that you Can’t Live Without?



~ by mescribe on February 25, 2011.

2 Responses to “I declare this New Clothes Day!”

  1. I love New Clothes Day! Post a pic of what you buy!

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