Zimply Fantaztic! (pazzing it on)

I have had the horrifyingly terrific honor of being the recipient of this gruesomely awesome award – forwarded to me by the formidable Thought’s Appear. Hat’s off!
There are two rules in regards to how you make yourself worthy of such a prize, and here they are:
  1. If you are the recipient of this award and have dedicated at least one post in your blog to zombies, the undead, or anything about the walking dead, then you are truly one of the infected and have the power to award this gift to two other bloggers of your choice. Make a post announcing your utterly awesome achievement and name your two victims.
  2. If you are the recipient of this award and have NOT written anything about zombies in your blog, then you must dedicate one post to nothing but zombies. A legit post. Not a “I hate zombies” or “Zombies rock” two paragraph announcement. A real post folks. I don’t care if it’s a story, news, a movie review, book review, creative fiction, or whatever. Entertain us! Once you have done so, you will have officially infected the internet with more zombie goodness and can reward the gift to others. Make a post announcing your super fresh award and name your two victims.
Well, until a few minutes ago I was part of the non-zombie community of bloggers (shame) and have therefore rectified this here. Zimple. I have written posts about the undead, several, in fact, but as the second rule stipulates that zombies are to be a permanent fixture of my blog or I cannot reward the gift of The Patient Zero Lifetime Achievement Award to anyone else, obviously, the decision was made eazy by the necessity of a ztory.
The two victimz?
I hereby denominate:
1. Mairzeebp of Goodbye Whoopie Pie (eat your heart out, darling)
2. Chase McFadden of Some Species Eat Their Young (please, do – it will make for such an interestingly disgusting post)
Go forth, friendz, and zpread the word!

~ by mescribe on March 21, 2011.

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