The Therapy of Baking

Since I stopped eating I’ve concluded two things about myself:

  1. I love food.
  2. I love baked goods.

Was this news to me? I think not. But what I’ve discovered – or, possibly, what I’ve forced out of myself by not eating solids for twelve weeks – is that I’m passionate about food and baked goods in a way I hadn’t realized. Now that I’ve braved the ordeal of a Very Limited Diet and cleansed my body of all its toxins and bad habits (crossing fingers on that one, at least), I’ll be damned if I go back to putting stuff in me that’s bad for me. I want to become more conscious about what said stuff contains, cook my meals from scratch rather than out of a can and absolutely cut back on all those ingredients that aren’t really necessary to create fantastic flavor.

The same goes for cookies, cup-cakes, muffins, cakes and bread. Baking From Scratch, that is – cutting out the heavy cream, butter and sugar would be tough in this area.

Hence the title of this post.

Monday I baked a batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies with dark chocolate pieces and orange flavored batter as well as a second batch with oatmeal added to the batter and a third of white chocolate with grated coconut added to the batter. Today I’m baking large cookies with a gorgeous, caramelly flavor and dark chocolate pieces as well as already having finished off a batch of oatmeal cookies that smelled like Michael must have smelled (in the movie with the same name). The scent still lingers.

But, you know, I haven’t even licked the excess chocolate off my fingers during the baking process. Yeah, I know, right? Go me.

Partially I’m baking because it’s my job for Easter, when we’re having friends coming to visit and all of us are gathering at my parents place, but I’m also doing this to test myself. Here’s the thing – before I went on my Very Limited Diet I couldn’t bake unless I was having company and the reason was simply because if I baked a brownie cake just for the love of baking and to have a treat, I would eat the whole thing. With whipped cream. That night. So, if I want to enjoy baking the way I’m enjoying it now, I have to be able to keep my hands out of the cookie jar.


I actually feel slightly manic about the baking now because I’ve bought a bunch of cookery books over the last few months, a few of them on baking and there are so many recipes I want to try! Not to mention the web and its tangle of enticements!

But the mania is also satisfying because having all these baked goods around and not touching them – absolutely feeling the soft nudge to have just one bite and see if they taste as good as they smell, but not giving in – is incredible. Maybe that sounds silly, but to me and my previous track record it really is in-cred-i-ble. Hence the therapeutic power of this pastime: it’s a freaking confidence boost, making me think I just may come through this diet with the new mindset I already strongly believe it’s given me.

Well, that’s what I’ve been up to lately.

That and loads of homework.

How about you? Got any favorite recipes to share? I’d love to add them to my stack!

All my best.


~ by mescribe on March 31, 2011.

One Response to “The Therapy of Baking”

  1. Post those cookie recipes! They sound delicious.

    Is April 1st the day you can start eating other food again? I remember when you first started the diet, I kept thinking that’s so far away!

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