Word of the Week: Bafflegab

Bafflegab: the word is defining something akin to incomprehensibility, ambiguity, verbosity and complexity, according to its creator Milton A. Smith.


___________________________Use In a Sentence____________________

“There’s a left turn and a right turn. Which one should I take?”

“Well, the right one, according to the map.”

“Yes, I know. But the left or the right one?”

“The right one.”

“Which one is the right one?”

“The right one!”

“The right or the left?!”

“The right one is the right one.”

“Of course the right one is the right one, we can’t very well take the wrong one, God knows where we’ll end up.”

“Have mercy.”

“Well, hurry up and make up your mind, then! Left or right?”

“The right turn is the right one, the left turn would be the wrong one.”

“Why are you bringing him into this?”


“Lancaster Wrong has nothing to do with where we’re going, does he? Why are you bringing him into this? Is he what we should base our choice on, hmh? Is he the alpha and the omega of road-choosing? Does every road lead to him? Perhaps you would rather be with him than here with me, hmh? Oh, admit it! Admit it!”

“You are getting this all wr-… I didn’t mean wrong as in Wrong, I meant wrong as in opposite to right.”


“Right. So the right choice for us is to go down the right road. To the right.”

“Is that a battlecry? To the right! Is that what you and Wrong used to turn each other on? The opposites attract business?”

“Jesus. We’re missing the exit! Take a right!”

“Oh, take a right. Why didn’t you just say so?”

“Such a load of bafflegap.”


Two wrongs can’t make a right, eh?



~ by mescribe on October 26, 2011.

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