Watched This Month: Comedy

It’s a whole new category of posts, this is, and as I am a film nerd who devours movies as though there’s no hope for tomorrow (though the best ones always seem to teach us that there is) I thought this would make good use of my time. Hopefully I’ll hit on some titles you’ve been wondering about or haven’t even heard of. Or perhaps my comments will hit home and you’ll nod in agreement. Or maybe you’ll disagree vehemently and never return to read any of my posts ever again.

Wow, suddenly I feel the pressure.

Alright, I’m starting it off nice and easy with a genre that is nice and easy – Comedy. Just to simplify things I will bunch everything funny under this big heading – be it classic comedy, slapstick comedy, action comedy, romcom, dramedy … you get it. And if I watch another Comedy as the month wears on, I’ll simply add it to the post. Alrighty? Great!

Starting things off with a truly classy classic:

Some Like It Hot

I had seen this before, oh, yes, I had, but this charming comedy is now finally in my possession and taking up a spot on my shelf. *bliss*

A tale of two out-of-work musicians played by Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon who witness a shootout and have to find a quick disguise, which they do – dressed as women they join an all-girl jazz band and hop on a train to Florida. What they weren’t expecting was Marilyn Monroe. Hilarity to follow.

Dan In Real Life

Another longtime favorite that I hadn’t actually purchased yet, but now it’s mine, mine, I tell you, MINE! My…. prrreciiooousssss.

 Okay, overdoing it, but I do love this movie. It’s a mature  take on the romantic comedy with a very real and human  story behind it of a father of three who has lost his wife and  has been alone ever since. Suddenly, by chance, he runs  into this woman at a bookstore and they spend a few  wonderful hours together, him talking and her not minding  listening at all. And then he gets home and, well, the rest is a  mix of wit and downright heartfelt moments. It’s a must see!

He’s Just Not That Into You

This I actually have owned for a while and I’m not sure how many times I’ve seen it, but I’m not quite up in the double digits yet. Soon, though, soon.

It’s an ensemble piece with a whole spectrum of relationship situations represented in darling, funny and sometimes slightly eye-opening ways. Ginnifer Goodwin plays the central character,  opening and closing the film through a voice over, and she gets the advice, after running after guys and waiting for them to call and getting all rallied up at the prospect of having had one good date and the possibility it entails, that if he doesn’t get in touch with you straight away he’s just not that into you!

Now, I know some women are born with this fact encoded into their DNA and they have all the power. They never fret if a guy will call them back or not because guys always do. I’m not like that. I’m getting there after nearly thirty years of crossing fingers and waiting and over-analyzing, and this film helped me. It really, truly did. And if you want to feel some hope re: love, then watch this movie. And then watch it again.

Mansfield Park

The movie from 1999 with Frances O’Connor as the willful and spirited Fanny Price is one of those Austen adaptations you cannot help but fall in love with. Based on what is known as the author’s own favorite of her own work and what she said herself best reflected her own childhood, it is a tale of growing up in a home that isn’t your own, of knowing who you are and not being afraid to stand for it, and it is a tale of love, always love.

Beautifully acted and with amazing cinematography, if you ever only see one adaptation of Mansfield Park, this should be it!


~ by mescribe on November 11, 2011.

2 Responses to “Watched This Month: Comedy”

  1. I love He’s Just Not That Into You. Great movie!

    • Yes, it’s fantastic, isn’t it? I love Jennifer Aniston and Ben Affleck’s relationship in it – it always brings a little moisture to my eye.

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