Simon and the Oak Trees

This title is a direct translation from Swedish to English and so I’m not sure if that’s its actual international title, but bear with me.

This is the first and only (for shame!) Swedish film I’ll see during the festival. I have high hopes for it as it stars the young Bill Skarsgård – yes, the youngest of the Skarsgård brothers, the eldest of whom are currently playing a certain vamp on True Blood – and Bill has been in both of the only two (for shame!) Swedish films I’ve actually enjoyed this year. It’s a terrible figure, I know, but we manage to make terrible movies for some reason. Not for lack of trying… All our best directors have a hit and get snatched by Hollywood. Hasse Alfredson, who is currently hot with his Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy is our latest export…

Anyway, I have hopes for Simon and the Oak Trees, which is a coming of age story of sorts about a teen who begins to realize why exactly it is that he doesn’t quite fit in.

The director will be here for a Q&A about the film afterwards. Her name is Lisa Ohlin and I actually saw her in a panel discission earlier today regarding female filmmakers beginning to claim their rightful space in the industry. Who run the world?


~ by mescribe on November 16, 2011.

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