Learning is a full-time job.

I’m currently at school, lying on an uncomfortable slab of a bed with an inch-thin mattress and no, I’m not visiting the nurse or anything so dramatic – I had to arrive an hour before the set out time for a lecture I’m attending so as not to be late and I chose a Room of Rest as my haven away from the craziness that is lunchbreak at this university.

The Room of Rest has this bed and a door that locks. Very nice when wanting to be undisturbed while blogging.

I had such high aimes when it came to posting this week – I would post a WotW to start off with, then I’d write another Myview of one of the titles from SFF, followed by a new installment of The Dash-All Chronicles and I would finish with starting off this month’s Watched.

Instead I’ve been stuck doing everyday stuff like attending school and celebrating birthdays and cleaning. Oh, I did make some Christmas Caramel candy last night (while participating in an email-chain re: a writing project and watching Biggest Loser) and I’m excited because I got them right this year and they’re not going all melty and depressing. (If boiling your own caramel, boil it for a long time and when you think it’s finished – boil it some more.) I want to add some pics of this CCC asap, and my mother and I made lussekatter last Friday – pics to come of those, too. They were/are delicious and I had way too many last weekend so this weekend I’m staying away from them so I can really enjoy them come Christmas. Yes, depravement breeds appreciation. Or something.

On Sunday my sister turns 25 and we’re celebrating her tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what she thinks of her presents! I’ve put 24 smaller and wrapped presents inside one big and wrapped box, making it (duh) 25 presents. I LOVE shopping gifts and wrapping them! And the giving them away ain’t too bad either. Well, this was a literal smorgasbord of delightful wrapping. I just hope she’ll like it! She’s not too fond of over-the-top. 🙂

Thirty-five minutes to go until it’s lecture time.

I think I will play some Tetris!


~ by mescribe on December 9, 2011.

2 Responses to “Learning is a full-time job.”

  1. Please send the Christmas caramel my way….

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