The Christmas List

There are few things I enjoy more around this time of year than a really cozy Christmas movie (Christmas music and Christmas baking being right up there as well). I have therefore decided to list my most favorite Christmasy movies – the ones that I watch every year, come sleet or snow.

Drumroll, please……………

Coming in at Number 15: In Case the Mushy Gets Slushy

Yes, it is the Shane Black penned The Long Kiss Goodnight. An action classic that I feel still holds up its end of the bargain even after fifteen years of action evolution. With strong characters, witty dialogue and great performances from Geena Davis and Samuel L. Jackson this hardcore action-heroine-in-a-bloodied-tank-top can de-fluff the season in a most welcomed way.

Number 14: And You Thought Your Family Was Hard Work

In this hilarious and heart-warming holiday comedy Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn play a hard-working, successful power couple who has never met each other’s families and want to keep it that way. They always go away, far, far away for Christmas, but this year they are reigned in to spend Christmas in four places (as both sets of parents are divorced) and visit their whole extended family. Laughter guaranteed!

Number 13: For the Love of Kermit

I adore this rendition of the classic Dickens ghost story. The Muppets are as charming as ever and they add that warmth and humor to the film that ensures it has heart. Warm fuzzy feelings all over. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Number 12: It’s a Modern Swedish Family (not really)

"Santa Fathered All the Children"

This is Swedish comedy at its best, I have to say. It’s got misunderstandings running amok, which leaves way for instant and effective comedy. That some of the most established and beloved actors of our country have gathered to give great performances only highlights what’s already a wonderfully hilarious script. I like.

Number 11: Santa Needs to Get His Groove On

I actually like this sequel and I do watch it every year. Not to give anything away it’s centered around Santa Claus’ need to find a wife before Christmas Eve or he’ll be banned from the North Pole forever and another Santa will have to take his place. It’s the Mrs. Clause of the Santa contract. Great stuff and nice to see the cast from the original reunited. I love David Krumholtz. Love him!

Number 10: If You Thought the Streets of New York Weren’t Safe Before…

I mean, what can I say? He’s adorable. Tim Curry is always The Man. And New York City at Christmas is magical. Wonderful combination. I have to say that little Kevin is either the unluckiest (and most overlooked) kid ever, or he’s the luckiest and most adventurous little boy that ever lived. Well, perhaps it’s both. It makes for great storytelling, either way.

Number 9: Handkerchiefs are a Given, Keep them Close By

This heartwarming portrait of a tightly knit family who have to try to accept the eldest son’s girlfriend as he brings her home to spend Christmas with them is beautifully written and acted by a stellar cast. It has its moment of a slightly annoyingly simplified personality change, but the family bond is so perfectly projected that any of that doesn’t matter. Diane Keaton is… well, Diane Keaton – the woman can’t go wrong. And Rachel McAdams is lovely, as always, just to pick out two names from a long list of great ones to mention.

Number 8: Teaches You That Blessings Can Come out of All Situations

It is a wonderful romantic comedy, that actually manages to be both romantic and funny. I’m a fan of Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman both and they have wonderful chemistry in this tale of a lie going completely awry and pulls Lucy (Bullock) into a situation where she is suddenly embraced by a family as the fiancée of their eldest son Peter, who is in a coma, only she’s not his fiancée. However, she meets the older brother Jack (Pullman) and finds it even harder to tell the truth when she begins to fall in love with him.

Number 7: You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch!

Yes. I want my Carrey dose on Christmas, what can I say. True Carrey style he brings life to this amazing and classic Dr. Seuss story of the Grinch who, from his hatred of the Whos, decides to steal their Christmas right out from under them. Ron Howard has captured the Seuss world down to a T and I love the design and the playfulness of the set design and costumes!

Number 6: There’s Something Amiss in Christmas Town

Danny Elfman is an amazing composer, Tim Burton is a wonderful visonary and this movie is one of those master pieces that you can’t get enough of. Well, I can’t, anyway, and I think it works just as well for Halloween as for Christmas. Jack the Pumpkin King longs for something more than what Halloween has to offer and when he, by chance, finds himself in a foreign, joyful and absolutely irresistible new place: Christmas Town – ruled by a red-clad, bearded fellow who Jack immediately wants to be. To spread cheer and gifts instead of fear and screams, this is what he’s been needing! And so Jack’s real journey begins.

Number 5: Life Can Be Quite Full of Wonder

This is an American tradition, I admit. Even though we do show it in Sweden, it’s not part of our Christmas must sees. Well, it is for me. I came to appreciate it when I lived in the States and now I can’t imagine not seeing it when Christmas draws near. I believe the Lassoing the Moon scene is one of the most beautifully constructed and romantic scenes that cinema has to boast.

Number 4: Merry Christmas, You Filthy Animal.

As a child I adored this film and it’s joyous to be able to say that I adore it still. It has so many great qualities and a sense of Christmas spirit that isn’t anchored in the magic of the season, but rather the love of family as well as the adventure of being on your own when you’re eight years old. And, well, defending your house against Water Bandits, of course.

Number 3: Santa’s Going on the Naughty List

This is a deliciously dark comedy about a true fuck-up who works as the worst mall-Santa ever and whose life is turned upside down when a naive and hopeful little boy puts all his trust in him, thinking he is actually the real Santa Claus. Billy Bob Thornton at his best, in my opinion.

Number 2: Spreading the Christmas Cheer

Even if you find the humor of Will Ferrell obnoxious (which I do not) you will be completely charmed by his performance as the human raised by elves who leaves the North Pole to travel to NYC and find his real dad. Who is on the naughty list. With a perfect mix of comedy, Christmas magic and truly wonderful character relationships that mesh seamlessly, this is one of those Christmusts and I dare you to watch it this holiday season and not be moved by its “Santa Claus is coming to town”…

And now, at last, here it is, the long awaited and anticipated and motivated and facilitated (….) Number One: It’s the other CK.

This is my number One Christmas Movie EVER because I can’t imagine not seeing it around Christmas, it sets the mood for me every year and I adore it. The story follows Tim Allen’s money-hungry and career addicted toy designer Scott Calvin and his failures as a dad until, on Christmas Eve, his son Charlie wakes him up because he heard a clatter. Scott rushes outside and startles the red-clad figure on his roof, causing him to fall off of it. When the man mysteriously disappears, leaving only his red suit and, of course, the reindeer and the sleigh on the roof, this leads to Charlie getting Scott to put on Santa’s suit and, well, the rest is a wonderful tale of father and son bonding and, of course, that Spirit of Christmas that we all must keep alive in our hearts. And elves, there’s loads of elves – one of them the ever wonderful David Krumholtz.

That’s my Christmas List.

If you feel I missed any titles, please, let me know!

Merry Christmas to all,

and to all a good night!

Or nice day…


~ by mescribe on December 20, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Christmas List”

  1. I love The Nightmare Before Christmas! It’s my favorite. I just caught part of Home Alone 2 on TV the other night.

    Also, 4 Christmases was funny. I like when they have a code word for leaving.

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