29 Candles…

Yes, it is – it’s my 29th Birthday today. I don’t really have much to say about that, except I spent the better part of last night putting a chocolate cake together (for the first time) with varying results. The spunge I got right, but the icing was a disaster. (Though I love how cornflower reacts to water – is it a liquid, is it a solid, I just don’t know.) Anyway, I’m making a simpler icing today out of cream and dark chocolate that you simply melt together in one pot. Instead of the cocoa, sugar, syrup, water – add the cornflower, water mix disaster that was last night’s attempt.

Mmmh, chocolate cake.

I love chocolate and yesterday was the first time I tasted it for two months. Yup, I’ve been on a keeping-chocolate-out-of-my-system fast since early november.

I have no time to reflect over the past year as really I have to read a script that we’re going to analyze today at school and which I’ve only gotten half-way on thus far – I’m being a bo-horing blogger, please,  forgive me.

I can say this: never let anything hold you back, ever. You want something, you go get it. And once you figure out what you really want, don’t worry, if you work hard enough all that effort will come back to you tenfold! It has been a wonderful year – I’m aiming to make my 29th year on this planet even better!

We’ll see if I succeed.

Bah-bah-baaaaaaaah. (Eerie music cue here.)

Have a wonderful day!


~ by mescribe on December 21, 2011.

2 Responses to “29 Candles…”

  1. Happy Birthday!

    • Thank you, darling! I cannot believe I missed your 30th! I hope you had a wonderful day and that you feel content with all the stuff you crossed off your list! I have to say – I’m impressed. 😉 xxx

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