(The Other) New Year Resolutions

As I mentioned in my previous post, I spent the New Years in Finland’s capital Helsinki. I stayed with one of my bestest friends and we had, as always, a truly good time, eating too much junk, drinking just a glass (or two) too much of wine and watching an endless stream of television shows that we’ve been dying to run a narrative on together. Smallville season 9 and 10 being the main event – Lois and Clark forevah – though we also watched some Nikita (the original TV-series) and Jekyll and, as she also had to work, I watched the gloriously well-written and acted The Pillars of the Earth.

While there I brought my journal (it sounds more grown up than diary, why is that?) and I caught up on all the events of the fall as I hadn’t taken the time (it’s a disease with me) to write any entries since October. And it was in this journal that I listed the six main points of my New Year Resolutions (Re: Life).

  1. Reach my goal weight and actually stay there. I’ve posted before about my Diet and how well that went, and it did. But I have not been in the mindset over the summer and this fall to actually make a commitment to eating healthy and exercising. I’ve had every intention, but I haven’t quite managed it. So – until April – I am on a calorie diet (which means I can eat anything I want, but within reason) and I am eliminating sugar all together. I’m even cutting back on fruit. It may sound extreme, but I know it works – I did this for about three weeks in November and I lost two inches off my hips (mostly water weight, but still, if I’d kept it up…) Then came December and the making of Christmas candy and the baking of Christmas goodies and I decided that January was the time to actually begin a diet of no sugar. As, I believe, about three billion other people do every single year.
  2. Establish my career as a screenwriter. By this I’m not saying I’m going to be Aaron Sorkin this year, do or die – I simply mean that I want to finish stuff off and send it out and hopefully get a positive response. Scary as hell, but it’s time. I finish school in June and I’m so ready to start my life. I could even add a /writer to the heading of this Resolution because I would love to pitch a few ideas I have for novels and children’s books as well. We’ll just have to see what happens, I guess. What I think this Resolution is mostly about is for me to finish my projects and actually start showing them to people!
  3. Direct. I have money do shoot a short film and I will do it before this spring is out, that’s a given. I just don’t know if I might need to go look for more money somewhere… I would love to – if I find that directing agrees with me – also aim to shoot a longer short film of about 30 minutes before the year is out.
  4. Regular CSiS posting. Yes, CSiS is this blog.
  5. Örebro Filmclub and its growth and evolution. I’m hoping to make this club into something special. A bit more special than it is now, anyway. I want to engage our members in the art of film and I want it to be a place where film lovers know they can meet others who share their passion. I want to put together trips that are inspired by film in any way and I want the club to grow. That’s all. I’m taking over as president come the end of January and I’m not worried, only excited!
  6. Travel. This may seem like a strange thing to put on there, but I love to travel and last year I barely had any money to do anything, so I’m hoping this year will be the year when I get to go to England to visit a bunch of friends I have there, Barcelona in the summer with two of my bestest friends (one of them being my New Years pal, yes) and Vancouver/New York/Boston in the fall because I have a friend in Vancouver who’s been to see me twice and I have the families I’ve worked for outside New York and Boston and I haven’t seen them for over five years. Also, my legs get itchy when I stay home for too long. I want out – I want to explore – I need to be inspired!
  7. Become more Time Efficient. I know this was on the other list, but this is what I need to do to keep the stress out of my life: I will get up at a reasonable hour (which is around 8.30-9 am for me) and then I will concentrate on answering emails, planning for the film club events, blog, look over writing projects that are due and, most importantly, do all the work I need to have done for school – until it gets to be 5pm. At five I will leave the computer alone – ALONE I tell you – and I will have downtime to work on my own writing projects, read, watch telly, watch movies, whatever. I Need A Schedule. And I believe this will work well for me. I hope it will. It will. I think it will. It’s GONNA!

There, these are my Resolutions. I’m looking forward to keeping you (and myself) updated on my progress. Writing stuff down always helps and working on this blog will remind me of my Resolutions every day. Thanks for that!

Do you have any Resolutions this year? Hmmh?


~ by mescribe on January 6, 2012.

One Response to “(The Other) New Year Resolutions”

  1. #1 and #7 have been resolutions that I have tried to tackle for years. I’ve finally decided to put one foot in front of the other and move forward as steadily as I can…even if it’s a baby step. Hot and Timely, that will be my new blog name when I master these feats. Good luck!!! 🙂

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