Watched This Month: TV-series

Smallville S9 & S10: I loved what they did with the Lois and Clark relationship in this show. I think they brought the series together in an excellent way. Yes, sometimes it’s a bit much and the story lines aren’t always consistent and neither are the characters, but I still love Tom Welling as Clark and Erica Durance as Lois. And those final two hours are… well, there are no words.

Jekyll: Only got to see the very first episode of this BBC show, but I am going to order it asap because it was freakishly good.

Sons of Anarchy S1 & S2: Have just begun the second season. Season One was awesomeness in a violent package. I find organized crime a little scary, I have to admit, and this show is very, very realistic and it’s a bit freaky, but the characters are well-drawn and they pull you into their world without pause. I’m loving it.

Grey’s Anatomy: Actually, I’m watching the reruns on TV and am unsure which season I’m at. It’s the one after a certain someone gets shot. I’ve gotten hooked on this show again after watching S3 and rooting for Izzie and George and them (read: the Writers) completely fucking that up for me and all the soapy drama with everyone being with everyone and I just got so sick of it. Anyway, really loving it now. The writing has always been stellar.

Once Upon a Time: Finally! Finally this show is starting over here and I can’t wait. Yeah, this is a premature post because I’m watching the first episode tomorrow. Color me excited!

Update: I enjoyed the first episode, though I felt there was too much exposition that was really just thrown in your face. I understand exposition is necessary, but there’s a good way and a tasteless way to do it and the writers went with watered out broth. The second episode left me actually wondering why I should care about these characters. I don’t see a strong arc building and I’m actually less intrigued than I was by the first episode. As I have friends telling me it will be amazing, I’m going to give it a few more episodes.

Six Feet Under S1: I am completely enamored with this show. Alan Ball is the shit. And yes, I can’t believe I haven’t seen it yet, either. As I’m only on the last few episodes of season one – no spoilers, please! 🙂

Bones S7 Episode One: It’s started. Why have they changed the format? I’m sorry, writers, I’m sorry actors of other characters than Booth and Brennan (you’re also fantastic, but) – I don’t CARE about you. I don’t care about the cases. This show started out as a romcom with crime as a backdrop. Even if they’ve eliminated the UST, I still love Booth and Brennan interacting and I want to watch them be tentative about where they stand and I want their banter back. I want them deepening as characters. They’re never together anymore, apart from the oh-so-predictable opening scene-scene in the middle-end scene set-up that is just frustrating. I’ll give it a few more episodes this season, but if this is the format they’ve chosen (focus away from B/B and more on the boring crime stories, which really are a dime a dozen, no matter if they’re well-written or not) then I’m buying the season on DVD so I can fast forward through all that mumbo jumbo and get to the heart of the matter.

Äkta Människor (Real People) Part 1 & 2: Swedish futuristic mini-series that explore our society with robots that look exactly like humans in it and what the repercussions might be. It started off fairly well, though the second episode didn’t really do anything to actually move the plot forward. Still, I’m intrigued. This is a very un-Swedish show and I’m glad that our TV execs want to take a gamble on the topic. Update: The following episodes have been disappointing, unfortunately. I don’t know why we can’t be more American when it comes to telling stories and get a breathtaking amount of interesting information in within the first fifteen minutes without idle exposition, and then keep that interesting NEW information giving up for the rest of the season.

Legend of the Seeker S1: I loved this first season. It has it’s bumps and bruises, but I forgive them all. It’s a wonderful world and I’m enamored with Kahlan and Richard. Kahlan must be one of the coolest female characters ever.


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2 Responses to “Watched This Month: TV-series”

  1. I’m envious of Once Upon a Time! I only saw the first two episodes and then Kiefer’s recorder got screwed up…and I don’t want to watch out of order. =(

    • Oh, that sucks. Technical mishaps are the worst! Couldn’t you *cough* watch it *cough* online *cough*? 😉 Like I said in the update – so far, so not yet invested in the show, but I’m hoping it will pick up because I adore Ginnifer Goodwin and I want to get sucked into the story.

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