Word of the Week: Fandangle

Fandangle: A fandangle may be a useless or purely ornamental thing. It may also refer to something nonsensical, foolish or silly: “A big white wedding is a huge fandangle for not much return.”

(Source: http://www.worldwidewords.com)

_____________________Use In a Sentence__________________________



“Gretchen! Would you come into the sitting room, please, dear?”

“Of course, Henry, dear. What is it?”

“Well… that.”




“That’s what it is, Gretchen. That.”

“It’s quite pretty.”

“Well, don’t act so surprised, woman, you must have put it there.”

“Mind your blood-pressure, dear.”

“Oh, that has been your go-to get-out-of-an-argument free-card for five years now – enough about my bleeding blood-pressure! If you were so concerned you wouldn’t go out and waste my money on frivolous shiny things created solely to collect dust on mantle pieces all across the British bloody Isles!”

“Why is it that whenever you’re in a bad temper it’s suddenly your money? You make it sound like a perfect accusation. I didn’t marry you for your money, you know.”

“Oh, blooming rat icicles, woman!”

“Stop calling me woman, you know how I dislike it so.”

“You are a woman!”

“The way you use it makes it sound like it’s wrong of me to be a woman! Would you rather be married to a girl? A little girl, perhaps? Or a man, Henry? Are you deep down a homosexual and afraid to admit it, even to me, your wife of twelve years? That’s half a lifetime to some people.”

“Don’t cry. I dislike it when you cry. And I am not a homosexual, Gretchen, dear. And I know you didn’t marry me for my silly money and of course it’s our money. There, there. There, there.”

“Stop patting me, Henry.”

“Yes, dear.”

“Now, cook is in an upset over the luncheon tomorrow. Something about the quails eggs being delayed in Brighton. I must go see to it, you do understand, don’t you, dearest?”

“Yes, yes, go see to it, naturally. It’s what you do…”

She leaves.

“‘It’s quite pretty’. Takes me for a fool. A perfect fandangle is what it is. Crystal? I would think so. Perhaps I should smash it against the hearth and teach her a lesson? … But that would bring tears… Oh, it’s heavy. Just a lump of bloody crystal sitting on top of the bloody mantel piece. Surely Anne and Karen and what’s-her-name will oooooh and aaaahhhh their way through the damned luncheon. I’ll have to make up an excuse not to be here. Perhaps I should make a doctor’s appointment. You mustn’t muck about with your blood-pressure, Henry, old fellow, now must you?”







~ by mescribe on February 8, 2012.

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