Read This Month

The Pillars of the Earth Part One: I enjoy this book    because of the characters, but I don’t really enjoy the  writing. It’s hard to explain why. It feels a bit like Dan Brown, who treats his readers like children who don’t understand anything and feels the need to repeat his oh-so-uncomplicated plot twists on every five pages just to make absolutely sure the reader haven’t missed a step. Ick. Ken Follett isn’t that bad, but he has a strange language. It’s almost juvenile at times in the way he describes the characters emotions and reactions… It’s not my cup of tea. Because of this – and because I’ve recently bought a bunch of books – I’m putting the second and third part aside and focusing on some of the other titles. First out:

Circeln (The Circle): I enjoyed this book because of its characters, which were well-rounded and interesting. They formed a great little clique of people having to interact in spite of their differences. I didn’t think much happened in terms of plot, to be honest, but this did feel like the setting-the-story-up for the coming two installments in this trilogy so perhaps the authors can be forgiven for that. It was a good read, either way.



The Lies of Locke Lamora: 


~ by mescribe on February 10, 2012.

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