I bite my nails. I sing. A lot. To the point of it – I’m sure – being annoying to those in my closer vicinity. I skip. I jump. I dance, sometimes for no reason other than really liking it. I spend hours in front of the computer – “writing”, to those who don’t know me; “seriously absorbed in my craft”, to those that do. I watch a movie every night. I spend too much money on buying DVD’s. I want to be a director. A dream. A goal. I’ll get there, in time. I laugh. I cry. I’m human. I have flaws. But I can smile at them. I love the sun early in the morning, when it has to get through the mist and is soft and warm and promising. A whole day is ahead of me. Wonderful. I play the piano. Songs I know, I play well. Songs I don’t, I play irregularly. I want this day to carry a surprise. Maybe I’ll even surprise myself.


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